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Maintain you Skin and Face’s PH Balance with Rose soap

Where there is romance, there is rose. Rose has been in use for many decades now, in books, movies to depict love. One cannot think of Love without rose. But rose is not just a nice-smelling, love-depicting, romance-invoking flower rose has a purpose so much more deep than that. It has great therapeutic properties. The Tatvik Bath […]

Lavender Soap – A Refreshing Soap with Exotic Fragrance.

Lavender is considered as a flower which unites the lovers! Lavender Flowers are known for its unique exotic fragrance which is refreshing and soothing. Lavender consists of both the qualities of lavender essential oil and flowers to rejuvenate and exfoliate the skin. A little sprinkling of yarrow herb with naturally astringent properties helps to keep the skin balanced […]

Coffee grounds make a great exfoliant.

The Tatvik Bath & Body brings you the all new Coffee Scrub Soap which cleanses, clears and revitalize your skin. The Tatvik Bath and Body Coffee Scrub Soap has useful anti-aging properties and is rich in antioxidants that helps fight aging signs and harmful toxins collected from the harsh environment by deeply cleansing the pores and skin cells. Toxins give […]

How to choose Best Natural Soaps for Skin & Body Care?

Soaps are the essential bathing material used in day to day use. With a thousand varieties of soap and body wash available in the market today, it has already become hard for the people to choose the right soap for themselves. Many brands use many different chemicals in processing of Soaps which are harmful for the body. They guarantee […]

A Natural Moisturizer Aloe Vera Soap is here for you.

Moisturizing is an important step to maintain your skin’s healthy cells and to protect it from irritation. People who moisturize faithfully in their youth are much more likely to have a beautiful complexion when they’re older. Using all natural and organic skin care products of TATVIK Ayurveda  is a long-term investment for your skin health because these products […]

Protect your skin with natural handmade soap- Papaya & Yoghurt

Why TATVIK Ayurveda Papaya and Yogurt Soap is a Detoxification Elixir for your skin. With the new season seeping in, it’s time for some detox!   It happens to be a tough time for your skin thanks to the rising temperature , free radicals present in the environment and the never ending pollution. As a result, most people suffer […]